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principal of gwangju jeil high school seung oh lee

We plant dreams in students and bring rewards to the faculties.

Hello. Welcome to Gwangju Jeil High School Website.

Founded in 1920,
we have nurtured many talents who are active nationwide with a long history and tradition.

Today, education is focused on the core competence for the future. We must operate the curriculums
that nurture the students’ qualities and competence based on the current prospects of the future society.

All of our faculty members, along with about 43,000 alumni, are dedicated to gathering all educational
capacities for our students to learn from the former students’ keen sense of history as the leaders of
Gwangju Students’ Independence Movement and grow into the leaders of the future society.
In order to do so, we will create a democratic culture and administer the school that is fully centered around the students.

We would greatly appreciate your interests and support so our school can grow into the cradle of future talents.

Thank you.

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1920 ~ 1950
Date Content
1920. 05. 01 Founded Private Gwangju Secondary Common School.
1922. 03. 31 Changed to Municipal Gwangju Secondary Common School.
1923. Summer The 1st allied movement against Japan.
1924. 05. 05 The 2nd Principal Jung Gyuil Baek (Japanese) inaugurated.
1925. 03. 07 The 1st Graduation Commencement with 38 students (5-year system).
1925. 04. 01 Transferred to the province and changed to Gwangju Public Secondary Common School.
1926. 11. 03 Organized the Readers' Association (Seongjinhoe).
1927. 05. The 2nd allied movement due to difference in the educational systems of Korea and Japan.
1929. 06. 26 The 3rd allied movement due to Joseon's Declaration of Independence.
1929. 11. 03 Our students triggered Gwangju Students' Independence Movement.
1938. 04. 01 Changed name to Gwangju Seo Public Middle School.
1949. 06. Won the 4th Blue Dragon High School Baseball Championships.
1949. 11. 03 Bestowed honorary degrees to 57 honors who participated in the 1st Gwangju Students' Independence Movement.
1950. 04. 01 Bestowed honorary degrees to 6 victims of the 2nd Gwangju Students' Independence Movement.
1950. 09. 15 Transferred 5th and 6th grades of Seo Middle School to the 2nd and 3rd grades of Gwangju High School and the 2nd and 3rd grades of Dong Middle School to the 2nd and 3rd grades of Seo Middle School with the change of School Systems by the Presidential Ordinance #528.
1951 ~ 2000
Date Content
1951. 03. 20 Changed name to Gwangju Seo Middle School with the amendments of the Education Law.
1953. 4. 3. Foundation of Gwangju Jeil High School approved and the first freshmen orientation held on April 10.
1953. 10. 30 By the Ministry of Culture and Education's Ordinance #32, the day of Gwangju Students' Independence Movement was designated the "Students' Day."
1954. 06. 10 Erected the Students' Independent Movement Memorial Tower on campus as the origin of the Students' Independent Movement.
1959. 11. 03 Celebrated the 30th Anniversary Ceremony of the Students' Independent Movement at the Memorial Tower.
1963. 11. 03 Celebrated the 34th Anniversary of Gwangju Students' Independent Movement and the 10th Anniversary Students' Day Ceremony at our campus by Jeonnam Educational Committee at the presence of the Chairman of Supreme Council's Cultural Affairs Department, Chairman of Committee of Legal Affairs, Minister of Ministry of Culture and Education, and Chairman of Korea Educational Association.
1965. 02. 09 The 40th Graduation Commencement (3-year system, 468 students) and honorary degrees bestowed upon the honors of Gwangju Students' Independence Movement (10 attendees out of 69 identified students).
1966. 11. 02 Placed a bust of Sir Unin Song, Hong at the entrance to the Student Tower.
1971. 04. 26 Gwangju Lions Club donated a Lion Tower for the Student Tower.
1983. 05. 02 Won the 17th Presidential National High School Baseball Championships.
1983. 05. 13 Won the '83 National Spring Hockey League.
1983. 07. 29 Won the 36th National Hockey Championships.
1983. 08. 11 Won the 1st Junior Golf Competition.
1983. 08. 21 Won the 13th Phoenix Flag National High School Baseball Championships.
1983. 10. 04 Won the 37th Golden Lion Flag National Baseball Championships.
1983. 10. 11 Won the 64th National Athletic Championships, Hockey Event.
1984. 10. 04 Won the 38th Golden Lion Flag National Baseball Championships.
1984. 10. 16 Won the National Athletic Championships, High School Baseball.
1988. 07. 03 Won the 43rd Blue Dragon Flag High School Baseball Championships and the 69th National Championships, Baseball Event.
1991. 06. 20 The second-place winner of Blue Dragon Flag High School Baseball Championships.
2000. 05. 01 Hosted the 80th Anniversary Ceremony.
2001 ~ 2010
Date Content
2001. 05. 18 Won the 20th Chairman's National Hockey Championships, High School Male Division.
2001. 07. 02 Greeted the visit of 40 high school principals from the U.S.
2002. 04. 12 Won the 36th Presidential National High School Baseball Championships.
2002. 05. 10 Won the 57th Blue Dragon Flag National High School Baseball Championships.
2003. 06. 21 Won the 10th Mudeung Flag National High School Baseball Championships.
2003. 12. 20 Sisterhood event with West High School, Southern California.
2004. Won the 11th Mudeung Flag National Baseball Championships and the second-place winner 34th Blue Dragon Flag National High School Baseball Championships.
2005. Sisterhood activities with Jeil High School, Sendai, Japan (visit to our school).
2006. Won the 87th National Athletic Championships' Baseball Event.
2006. 11. 03 The 77th Anniversary of Gwangju Students' Independence Movement designated as a memorial day.
2007. 05. 03 Won the 41st Presidential High School Baseball Championships.
2008. 03. 31 Won the 62nd Golden Lion Flag National High School Baseball Championships.
2009. 12. 29 Awarded as the Best School of the 2010 KSAT.
2010. 02. 23 Designated as an independent public high school for 2011.
2010. 03. 29 Won the 64th Golden Lion Flag National High School Baseball Championships.
2010. 06. 13 Won the 53rd National Hockey Championships.
2011 ~ present
Date Content
2011. 01. 05 Awarded for the Best Curriculums in 2010.
2012. 05. 17 Prime Minister Hwang Sik Kim made a visit to our school.
2012. 06. 30 Won the High School Weekend League, Metropolitan League, Second Half.
2013. 05. 25 Won the High School Weekend League, Metropolitan League, First Half.
2014. Second place winner of the 95th National Athletic Championships, Baseball and Hockey Events.
2015. Won the 49th Presidential National High School Baseball Championships.
2018. 05. 31 Won the 72nd Golden Lion Flag National High School Baseball Championships.
2018. 10. 18 Won the 99th National Athletic Championships, Baseball Event.
2020. 01. 31 The 95th Graduation Commencement (44,987 graduates).
2020. 03. 01 The 40th Principal Gi Sang Baek inaugurated
2020. 03. 02 Admitted 231 freshmen for 2020 as an independent public high school.

Current Recoreds




Vice Principal


Korean Language





Social Studies







People 1 1 7 2 2 2 2 8 3 2 2 2





Fine Art




Career Counseling





People 3 1 2 7 1 1 1 3 1 1 55






Educational Officers

School Guards

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Nighttime Guard


People 1 4 21 1 1 1 29 84

Classes and Students

Year 2020
Grade Item 1st Grade 2nd Grade 3rd Grade Special Total
Classes 8 8 8 2 26
Students 231 229 241   701

* Including 14 students (3+3+8, 5 are completely integrated) in the Special Class, 53 students in the Athletic Teams (39 in Baseball Team (14+13+12), 14 in Hockey Team (3+7+4)).


Facilities Classrooms Special Rooms Art Gallery Auditorium Library Counseling We e Class
Science Music Art Computer Student Government Mathematics Alternative
Number 27 5 1 1 1 1 4 1 1 1 2 1 1
Facilities Admini
Lounge Study
Number 14 1 3 2 3 1 1 2
Facilities Educational
Restrooms School
Gymnasium School
Number 1 9 1 1 1 Unit,
24 Rooms
1 Unit,
1,540 ㎡
1 Unit
758 ㎡
1 Unit,
1,740 ㎡
13,553 ㎡

* Administration Office (Printing, Fitness, Computer, Cafeteria, Culture & Arts, Operating Committee, Career Counseling, Faculty Office, Principal's Office, Administration Room, Showers, Dormitories)

Educational Objectives and Curriculums

Educational Objectives

Nurturing talents with both academic excellence and good hearts.

5 Goals

Learning-centered education for students' growth.
Curriculums for well-rounded minds.
Democratic culture through participation and communication.
Education completed by all members.
The school where students and teachers are happy.

Specialized Curricular Activities for the 2022 College Preparation

  • We offer curriculums aligned with the new KSAT.
    Korean Language, Mathematics, and English appropriately arranged for each area of study.
    Electives programmed to satisfy the two-subject limit in Social Studies and Science.
  • We operate classes tailored for the needs of students.
    Small-group cooperative learning and presen- tations in Mathematics and English classrooms.
    Lab classes in the science room.
  • We instruct “how to study effectively.”
    We instruct how to study, starting with the pre-entry programs.
    Expert consulting and alumni mentoring for self-directed learning skills.
  • Educational Community Day on Wednesdays (4 times a month)
    Cooperative curriculums with other independent public schools (Research in Future Topics (2 units), Economic Mathematics (2 units), etc.)
    Customized curriculums (essential courses can be taken at other hub schools)
    Career/club/volunteer activities and peer mentoring can be arranged to fit one’s career plans.
  • We nurture the thinking power and the writing and speaking skills.
    Humanities classes
    Everyday writing and reading activities
    Debate & discussions
    Research reports
    Science Camp I & II
    Humanities Camp
    Hub school for writing & composition (designated by municipal office of education)
  • We operate complete curriculums so the students do not need private education.
    Customized afterschool learning activities (A, B, C, D/By Level).
    Mentoring system for additional learning (with focus on Korean Language, Mathematics, and English).
    Various programs to prepare students for composition and interviews.

Preparation for General Student Records with Various Extracurricular Activities

  • We systematically operate creative
    experience activities.
    Various programs in 4 categories (autonomous, club, career, and volunteer).
    Systemized guidance and management using Edupod and individual portfolios.
  • Students participate in systemized volu- nteer activities related to their career, talents, and interests.
    Students engage in volunteer activities by classes or clubs after the regular exams (34 hours a year).
    Students develop their own stories through volunteer activities related to the communities.
  • ‘Club activities’ are student-centered.
    In case of academic clubs, they present the outcomes at the academic seminar and publish reports.
    Club activities available.
    Ample financial support and external experts arranged for each club.
  • Reading projects related to each field of career
    (‘Book Job-Go, Dream Job-Go’).
    Reading support system.
    List of books required for each career (school homepage).
    Resources related to the curriculums (books, non-books, DBPIA, etc.).
    [Career Reading 30] campaign.
    Overnight reading with parents, literature journey, World Book Day event, and reading week.
    Research reports, humanities camp, book discussions and presentations with passion.
  • ‘Infinite challenge’ through cooperation and competition.
    Overnight reading contest (individual and groups).
    Debate (pros and cons).
    ‘I-Dream’ academic presentations.
    Composition contest, problem-solving contest, structure contest, poem and English speech recitals.
    Startup festivals.
    Soccer leagues.

Guidance for Career & College Entrance to Realize Students’ Dreams

  • Career Performance Big Data (About 300,000 cases)
    Cumulative Management of Management of Alumni Records
    Preparation Tests (3 years)
  • Only those who prepare can realize their dreams.
    Career exploration through various psycholog- ical tests and career aptitude tests.
    Systemized educational management and extracurricular activities.
  • Students are encouraged and motivated to upgrade their career plans.
    Career Day, Conversation with Alumni, and Career & College Entrance Camps
    Career programs related to colleges.
  • We provide professional guidance for career & college entrance.
    Intensive courses most suitable for each stud- ent (career search -> field of major search -> curriculums & field of study selected).
    Training and counseling with career/college entrance advisors and experts.
  • We cumulatively manage school grades and educational evaluation scores.
    We use two or more educational management and college entrance counseling programs.
    Students can search the colleges they can apply for based on their school grades.
    Comparative analysis of educational evaluation scores based on the scores of previous year and national scores.
  • We record all curricular and extracurricu- lar details in the School Life Records.
    Students are notified of the details of their records before and after they are recorded.
    The details of School Life Records suitable for the application requirements of each school reviewed three times.
  • We improve the level of college entrance.
    Freshmen begin to learn how to write self-introduction and prepare for in-depth interviews.
    Customized advisors for college entrance through special applications (general student records, academic records, composition, performance, etc.) and regular applications.

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